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Each plan includes a free 7-day trial and caters to all types of language learners, from beginner to advanced:

Month-to-Month or Language Marathon

The online Linguaskill test from Cambridge is now available through Lingoda.

Lingoda is an online language school for German, English, French, Spanish and Business English. Click here! -> Products

The qualified teachers are not only exclusively native speakers. We provide interactive private and group classes, which are all held online via Live-Chat or SkypeTM and are available around the clock, 24/7.

Lingoda's students can learn a new language wherever and wherever they are in the world. All they need is an internet connection and the classes can begin!

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Online live classes

Native speaking teachers

Group or private classes available 24/7

Prices start as low as 8€ per class

You receive a certificate for each level you finish with Lingoda. The certificates are issued in accordance with the CEFR and accepted by many institutions worldwide. To get a certificate, you’ll have to complete 90% of your classes in a module for a CEFR language.

Language Sprint

Speak a language confidently in just three months.

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With the Lingoda Language Sprint, you will.

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